Herbert Samuel Hotel in Jerusalem What you should know BEFORE you Stay a

5 reasons NOT to stay at the Herbert Samuel Hotel in Jerusalem.
1) The Herbert Samuel Hotel in Jerusalem is at war with the residents of Jerusalem who have pleaded with them to turn off their Las Vegas style lights that destroy the old city ambiance into a tacky led light display. If you love Jerusalem, if you are coming to Jerusalem to Support Israel, then do not stay at the Herbert Samuel Hotel as they are actively working to change our culture.
2) After being open for less than 6 months, the Herbert Samuel Hotel’s much touted Herbert Samuel Restaurant has shut down due to management infighting, hence a negative atmosphere of hurt and division still lingers from all the fired workers, some of which had to plead with management for overtime pay they never received.
3) The entrance to the hotel is in a small narrow alleyway, dark and often lingering with the smell of urine that you will have to endure to get to the entrance of the hotel. The hotel entrance is in the center of this dark alleyway a traffic-way to bars hence frequented by loud often rowdy drunks. You will have to pass this gauntlet with your luggage.
4) There is no parking at this Herbert Samuel Hotel in Jerusalem and it is situated in an alleyway dead end therefore it is not suitable for dignitaries as you can not get in and out easily nor is it suitable for anyone wishing a five star entrance into this hotel.
5) They can’t make a proper cappuccino. The Herbert Samuel Hotel in Jerusalem when I was there meeting with the Manager Roger, I ordered a cappuccino and when I tasted it, I did all I could not to spit it out as it burned my mouth from being too hot! of course anyone knows that also destroys the flavor.
So if they are unable to make a cup of coffee they will not satisfy your five star expectations. May I suggest the David Citadel or the Waldorf , or King David hotel as alternatives?
Thank you and please share this post as to the 5 reasons NOT to stay at the Herbert Samuel Hotel in Jerusalem.
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