Moving to Israel Part Two

Moving to Israel, Jerusalem Movers can help

Part Two

In our last article we focused a touch on the land and the people as well as the Jerusalem Moversuniqueness of Jerusalem.

And just to recap the land of Israel is highly diverse sporting the lowest place on earth the holiest place on earth the hottest spot on earth for migrating

birds with large desert regions and snow skiing Israel for such a small country is one of the most diverse.Jerusalem Movers

On top of all that is real is literally littered with the ancient civilizations of the past all of the most oldest and most powerful civilizations have visited or Concord or occupied Israel from the Babylonians Egyptians Romans and many many more, and they they all left there ruins littered across the country some still intact making hundreds of attractions to visit.

The people are the best part of Israel who might be a little rough on the outside yet they’ll be the ones to help you and stick with you and watch your back more than the culture that is smiling and polite. Israelis will treat you like family in very short order often complete with dinner invites.

The Food

Another great aspect of Israel is its abundance of locally produced fresh fruits Jerusalem Moversand vegetables which is guaranteed to give you a longer better quality of life if you partake in it and stay away from the supermarkets unless you’re going to buy milk. Jerusalem is famous for its farmers market and most cities have them, the restaurant cuisine is Middle Eastern generally yet restaurants from all over the world can be found from sushi to Thai food.
The bureaucracy

Probably the worst part about Israel is the bureaucracy. When moving to Israel you should be careful of the bureaucracy it could cost you a lot of time and headache. I highly do not recommend that you bring a car to Israel unless you plan on taking the car back out of the country within three or six months tops. If you bring a cargo on the ship for example expect to pay 18% taxes on the contents, if you’re planning on leaving the country within six months then this money is refunded to you but all of these rules are constantly changing and you should not rely on this article for your specific dealings with the government, you need to contact them or you can have Jerusalem Movers arrange an import agent here to negotiate you through the bureaucratic maze and will often result in saving you the cost of their fee in reduced import charges.

How does that work? Well the tax authority for instants may want to charge you a much higher tax percentage on an item that they miss classify,  forJerusalem Movers instance cosmetics are taxed at a rate of 30% while skin care products and natural topical products are not considered cosmetics and yet I have seen tax authority personnel classify them as such to get a higher tax and so if you’re bringing in a shipping container of items it is highly recommended to use a professional import agent and Jerusalem movers can provide that for you. We will then be able to ship your items from the docs in Haifa or Ashkelon to your home without the need of your presence at the docks as you will provide a limited power of attorney to the import agent for the purposes of clearing your import.
Jerusalem Movers
There are many reasons to come to Israel and Jerusalem movers can help you even before you get here. We can put a fresh coat of paint or do any repairs prior to your arrival so you can move into a clean prepared place our moving and packaging service is the most careful and conscientious in the industry.

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