Renting in Israel

Jerusalem Movers can help you locate your rental

Finding a flat to rent that suits your taste budget and location requirements is as difficult in Israel as anywhere in the world, it

Jerusalem Movers
Jerusalem Movers

requires a lot of time and effort, the more you are willing to pay will reduce that time. Once you have decided on a city or town to live in then next thing to decide is the neighborhoods that you prefer to reside at.

While there are advantages to living outside the city center, if you always go there anyway you may find those

advantages are less relevant.  Once you have selected your preferred neighborhood you should narrow down more details such as your budget which should be considered prior to anything.

Other factors to consider if you have school aged children if there are appropriate schools in the neighborhood, is is close to public transportation, what about shopping areas. Beyond there factors you should consider if you want a garden or balcony or does it matter? high ceilings are nice if available it often does not affect the cost, while others like low ceilings as they are easier to heat. Is parking a factor? Do you demand lots of windows and natural light? how many stairs are you willing to climb? do you require a flat with a private entrance or does a common apartment entrance suit you as well? Do you require furnished or unfurnished? newly renovated or is old school acceptable?

If you can answer most of these questions than I highly recommend that you enlist the services of a rental agent. Jerusalem Movers can recommend trusted agents in your area. Often the cost of a month rent is worth the money as the best deals are normally not advertised but are listed by rental agents or word of mouth advertising. If you do hire a rental agent get a lease for at least on or more years so as to make the deal worth the agent fee. If you specify all of your requirement factors to the rental agent he or she will be able to show you only rentals that closely match your requirements saving you time and money. Jerusalem movers can start the process for you at no cost or obligation to you. Let us know your rental requirements and we will connect you with an agent who will send you listings to consider prior to your arrival even.

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